User's personal data protection

Cosmotron Bohemia, s.r.o. declares, that the data listed in online catalogue IPAC is not in possession of the company Cosmotron Bohemia, s.r.o.. According to the Law on Personal Data Protection (No. 101/2000 Sb.. in M_LIB_COUNTRY ), for the protection of personal data is responsible the owner of data, which is Knihovna Karla Dvořáčka Vyškov

It is possible for Cosmotron Bohemia, s.r.o. to handle personal data, only according to instructions of the owner, that is responsible for all the changes. In case of storing the data on servers of Cosmotron Bohemia, s.r.o., the company Cosmotron Bohemia, s.r.o. is responsible for personal data proteciton and would not disclose or provide personal data to third parties. The rights and duties related to handling personal data are clarified by contractual relations between Cosmotron Bohemia, s.r.o. and the owner of personal data.